Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sign of the End Times?

No, this is not about that chowderhead Michele Bachman. Nor is it about that 24-Karat Horse's Ass Mitch McConnell, nor is it about the near certainty that in a months time the US will be approximately like the U.S. in 1934: Fucked from hell to breakfast and 13 to the Dozen in a way that only a War could save us.

No, the Mighty Pittsburgh Pirates are tied for first place! For the first time since 1997 the Pirates are in first place in the month of July! Let the Tea Party practice their mental midgetry, let the President fulminate against a group of people that he should crush like bugs yet somehow lacks the spine to do so. Sing the praises of the Pirates! Cutch, Walker, Maholm, Garrett F. Jones, J Mac and The Hammer. There are heroes out there people!

Oh, yeah. Here is my soon-to-be-weekly rant about politics:

Let's see the government default. Here is a primer of the effects:

1. Interest Rates increase by 3-4 percent across the board and even more homeowners default. Oh, wait! You only own your home after you pay the fucking thing off. Until then, you own squat. Many of us found that out in the last 5 years.
2. If you think credit is difficult to get now, wait a few months. We already have a demand problem in the economy; I wonder what an even tighter credit market will do?
3. The DJA will fall below 8000 in roughly two weeks, carrying away the value of most Americans retirement eggs. The ensuing panic will destabilize the EU even further. This will spawn austerity packages that will make the recently passed laws in Greece look like the second coming of the New Deal.

Don't come crying to me, Tea Partiers! If you voted for the current crop of Republicans, I feel for you. Were you swept up in the euphoria of 2008? Enjoying the latest Corporate Stooge Democrat? At some point, you will be old enough to understand that money talks and bull shit walks. This is the supreme rule of the political universe. There is no other worth the name. We are reverting back to the 1890s, in which people who could buy whatever they want did and the rest of us starved or strained in an anti-union environment for crumbs from the big boy table.Years of gutting education in favor of testing has got us here. Blame the Unions, blame the government, but don't look in the mirror. That takes guts, and we have none. The Republicans frame the debate while the Dems wring their hands....or, more to the point, shake their heads in amazement at the stupidity on daily display.

Hey! Democrats! In the best Army tradition, Sound Off Like You've Got A Pair. The last Democratic president to do so was Harry Truman, now known in this bull shit, hyper critical PC world as The-Guy-What-Dropped-The-A-Bomb. Bill Clinton? Usually I do not agree with that pompous Gasbag Michael Moore, but he said it best: Clinton was one of the best Republican presidents in the last 60 years. Keep using our union dues to get elected and then throw our collective bargaining asses under the bus while you cave. I would not cross the street to piss on Harry Reid if he was on fire. Of course, I would poor gasoline on Eric Cantor and Grover Norquist if they were on fire, but I digress. What has filled me with so much bile this evening, when I should be celebrating my good fortune at being the fan of a winning sports team?

It is the top story on CNN at this hour: J-Lo and Marc Anthony are breaking up. Not the debt or the Pirates or the impending landing of a space probe on an asteroid. It's J-Lo. We are doomed.

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